Unrivalled quality at unmatched price

Aalbun provides innovation protection services globally in an easy way. Your local Aalbun representative will help you with the protection and provides you with all available intellectual property services.

Our way of working provides you with a predictable budget and gives you access to a highly talented pool of IP professionals. The Aalbun way of working enables us to serve you locally with global reach. We can scale service offerings as you require in any region.

Patent drafting

From provisional to full drafts. Thanks to our global network we are able to provide drafting in any technology, conducted by a team with a desired skill set. Any work that we do is always conducted by a team of three, headed by a senior patent attorney to ensure the highest quality whilst keeping our prices at the same affordable level.

Intellectual property filings

We can do direct IP filings (patents, trade marks & designs) in any region you are interested in and those include first filings as well as international (PCT, Madrid Protocol) and national phase entries. Our global network extends to 20+ countries that we process orders to on a daily basis, but can be supplemented by any desired country upon request and processed via our platform so that all your orders are only one click away!

Search services

Our team provides you with valuable insight related to Intellectual Property Rights.

We have the most efficient tools to conduct novelty searches, freedom-to-operate analyses, patent landscapes, invalidity searches and more.


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