Who is Aalbun? 

Aalbun was founded in Cambridge, UK, and was incubated at ideaSpace, University of Cambridge. Aalbun is now one of the leading legal tech companies, working to redefine the Intellectual Property (IP) Value Chain, offering a variety of service from patent drafting, patent search, analytics and trade mark work.

It is about making protection easy

We have developed processes and software to give our clients an efficient and cost-effective way to build and protect IP portfolios to safeguard their ideas, brands, creations and innovations. This means we can help you with global patent filing, trade mark filing, design filing and prosecution work. We take the administration and time out of the IP processes, allowing companies to get on with their business and expand their business.

Capacity and domain expertise is not a problem for us. Our global network of Aalbun experts provide economies of scale and capacity to work with any technology, in any language.

The Team behind Aalbun

After working in a very traditional way with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and providing high value services to a large number of multinationals, we decided to do things differently. In 2011 we started offering the high value services through our global setup to those companies who really need it to make a difference in the World – the startups! The business has since grown and we have built a software platform upon our existing process which provides many benefits that allows us to grow together in the spirit of protecting innovation worldwide.

We have an amazing team from the UK, USA, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland and India. We speak 11 languages in the core team. We are passionate about startups, innovation, business and technologies which impact millions of people’s day to day life.

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