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Aalbun, the global IP provider.

Aalbun provides innovation protection services globally in an easy way. Our way of working provides you with a predictable budget and gives you access to a highly talented global pool of IP professionals.

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One stop shop for all patent, trade mark & design drafts and filings in any country.




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What are people saying?

  • Aalbun works like a dream.
  • Thanks to the Aalbun network we can protect innovation globally.
  • Aalbun gives us the opportunity to focus on contact with our clients and their need of support.
  • So far, I enjoyed working with Aalbun. They effectively support my worldwide business through competent professional members and valuable transparent cost policy.
  • Aalbun’s tools and services mean we can work with clients to focus on the big picture, we know that executing global IP portfolios will be well supported with Aalbun
  • For us Aalbun is ”Patent Attorney Firm 2.0”
  • Managing all the projects at central place helped us increase efficiency significantly.
  • We were very happy to streamline our global services in an efficient manner using the Aalbun tools.


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